Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?

 Students, teachers, parents, and other staff of the educational institution.

What type of accommodation is given in the tour?

We provide minimum 3-star accommodation only. The occupancy can vary between double to triple max., depending on the size of the hotel rooms.

What type of food is provided?

We provide delectable, sattvic food. (Veg Only)

What about the mode of the travel?

We travel in luxury buses or in second / third class ac in train or in planes for very long trips.

What other items should children bring?

We share a circular based on the destination. 

a. water bottle b. umbrella c. warm clothing d. cap e. their daily medicine if any etc.

Are your tours guided?

Yes, we hire trained guides in all our tourist destinations

Is there going to be any travel during the night?

We try to avoid night travel as much as possible. It depends on the tour destination.


Do girls and boys stay in separate rooms?

Yes, we ensure to give them separate accommodation only.

Should children bring their water bottle?

Yes, we recommend children to bring their own water bottles. However Mineral water will be provided for long tours.

What is the ratio of children vs escort?

We ensure a ratio of 15:1 for older children. For younger children, the ratio is 10:1

What is the preparedness to handle a sudden injury or troubling health?

We recommend healthy students only take up the tour. A covid vaccination certificate is mandatory. We carry an all-purpose first aid kid that will address general illnesses such as stomach ache, headache, vomiting, etc cum mild injuries caused due to falls. For anything major, we will intimate the parent.

What about washroom facilities during travel?

We identify clean washrooms beforehand, in the route being traveled

Can we stay connected with the children during the travel?

We create WhatsApp groups to update the whereabouts of your ward, on a daily basis. Besides if your child is carrying a mobile, we do not impose any restrictions.

What about overall safety?

We provide a set of instructions that the child must abide by. As a responsible team, your child’s safety is guaranteed.

How about the pricing?

We can guarantee that our prices will give you total satisfaction. In short you can call it as, “value for your money”


What are the minimum registrations required?